Every announcement, recap, interaction with the audience, on stage interview or panel discussion has a momentum, a middle that carries meaning and importance. It's always that which I pursue as a presenter, be it moderating a seminar or doing a stand-up gig in a theater.


As a presenter and a moderator I combine my warmth and enthusiasm with humor and sharp observations. I bring along a broad interested in and knowledge of culture, education and social issues as well as the corporate world.

Stand-up comedy, energizers and interactive work forms can be added to the presenting job at hand.

I work regularly for Cornelis Serveert This creative consultancy works with fine and effective formats to facilitate creative thinking processes and strategy development. Next to that they are impeccable in organizing an event, from start to finish.

Een aantal partijen waarmee ik gewerkt heb: Fonds Cultuurparticipatie, Partos, RAUM/Leidsche Rijn, Gemeente Amsterdam, Gemeente Utrecht, Provincie Utrecht, HKU Awards, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Schrijverscentrale, Voordekunst, PO-Raad, Urban Resort.

      Fotograaf: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Right before the lockdown of March '20 the theatre tour of 'Wees Onzichtbaar' ('Be Invisible') started. I moderated the Q&A afterwards, with director Saban Ol and writer of the book the play was based upon, Murat Isik.
Met veel belangstellende bespraken we na afloop de thema’s uit het stuk en het boek. 

The big turn out and elaborate discussions showed there was a big interest from the audience in the themes from the book and play. An interest that was extended to the website that was part of the theatre tour. On this website people could contribute their stories on when they felt invisible. Mine is here, on the left, in Dutch. 

Go to www.weesonzichtbaar.nl to see all contributions and to read more about the project (in Dutch).