Helping you take the next step. With trust, attention and all those other wonderful things you expect from a coach.

In our talks you'll find I'm down-to-earth, sharp, warm and attentive to your process. Humor also plays a big part in my approach.


Als coach en trainer heb ik uiteenlopende methoden tot mijn beschikking. 

Je kan bij mij terecht voor

Take a look at my TOOL BOX at the bottom of this page to see what techniques and styles I use. 

Read my BLOG to learn more about how I work.

Afhankelijk van je vraag kies je een traject. 

Hierin kunnen verschillende methoden aan bod komen. Het gaat er dus vooral om hoe intensief je met me wilt werken. Daarin kan ik je uiteraard  adviseren. 


Kies voor een REGULIER TRAJECT (5-7 sessies van 1 uur) of een ONDERZOEKSTRAJECT (2 maanden onbeperkt). Specifiek voor stemcoaching heb ik ook de STEM-APK (1 sessie) en de PERFORMER’S PATH (4 maanden onbeperkt).
Ook kun je een VOICE DIALOGUE TRAJECT volgen (5-7 sessies van 2 uur)

For those that are looking for a real challenge I offer the HARD CORE PROGRAM.

Voor groepen geef ik TRAININGEN en WORKSHOPS  met dezelfde thema’s.  Dit is veelal maatwerk, maar de standaardtrainingen zijn PRESENTATIETRAINING (5 sessies van 2 uur) of een DIVERSITEIT & INCLUSIE-TRAINING (3 dagdelen van 4 uur, met 2 trainers)

Lees hieronder meer over elk traject.

Regular Program
“Let's talk”

The regular coaching program is best used when you want to work with a SPECIFIC QUESTION OR WISH.
After an intake of 1 hour we plan 5-7 weekly sessions of 1 hour. In these sessions we focus specifically on your question or wish.

"Let's Talk" is nicely structured: you focus on 1 question, research it with me and together we come to new insights and actions to help you move ahead. 

Contact me for an intake and "Let's Talk".

Voice Dialogue 
“Thuiskomen in jezelf”

Als Voice Dialogue begeleider ga ik letterlijk in gesprek met je verschillende kanten en nodig je daarbij uit jezelf fysiek te verplaatsen in het deel waarmee we in gesprek zijn. Het zorgt voor onverwachte, ontroerende en soms ook amusante ontmoetingen met jezelf.

Voice Dialogue gaat ervan uit dat alles wat je nodig hebt al in je zit en dat het vooral gaat om al je kanten beter te leren kennen EN te laten horen.

Research program 
“Make a difference”

When you want A REAL BIG CHANGE in your life choose “Make a Difference", you'll get 2 MONTHS UNLIMITED COACHING FOR A FIXED PRICE.

Dealing with a long-term problem, learning how to cope with a new situation, become a freelancer, finding closure, realizing your dream, dealing with doubt, knowing what you want, gaining more self confidence.
But also: discovering your voice as a public speaker or storyteller or singer, mastering a vocal technique or musical style, creating a theatre- or song program, etc.

In whatever way you want to make a change -for yourself, for another or for the world- you can do this in the program "Make a Difference" 


For many people the research program is a very satisfying way of working: it's the surest way to get the coaching that fits you.

Whether you opt for long weekly sessions where the clock is not ticking and you have space to dive into something very new, or whether you want daily short practice moments with me. And whether you want to work with head or heart, body or mind. It's all possible. With many years of experience and training I have a large toolbox from which I can draw.

The important thing is that you give yourself a clearly defined period of time in which you can search within yourself and try out new things. This way you arrive at a place in your development where you've never been before. 

To make sure you have all the opportunity to work with me in this way I only plan 2 clients per month in the "Make a Difference" program.


– Sit&Talk session – ‘talk, live or online’ (1 hour)
– Walk&Talk session – ‘talk in nature’ (1,5 hours)
– Work&Talk session – ‘working with a specific method or technique plus talk. Live, online or in nature’ (1,5 hour)
– Research session - ‘extensive working with a method plus talk. Live, online or in nature’ (2-3 hours)
– Update session - ‘talk through an assignment or exercise, to get going again. Live or online’ (15-30 minutes)

These are the usual sessions you can plan in this program. Feel free to bring in your own proposals for a session, be it different in length or set up. Tailoring to your needs is very important in this program, so please ask.

Contact me to together "Make a Difference" 

executive coaching 
“Hard Core”

For Executives, High Achievers, The Ambitious and The Entrepreneural I made the HARD CORE program: 3 months of unlimited coaching for a fixed price at moments and in ways that fit you.

We will definitively go off the beaten path. Reason being that that is what you really need: you are multi-talented and you naturally have always been affirmed in that. But what else is there? Where are your blind spots? And who wants to put a finger on them? Well, me! I offer a ton of coaching experience and knowledge, broad general knowledge, humor, intelligence, a sturdy personality and an selfmade, assertive path in life. 

Expect surprise, challenge, confrontation, thoroughness and dedication.

Whatever you bring to the table: we'll get to work with it. We'll get to the core. We'll go HARD CORE.

Contact me of you want to go HARD CORE with me.

"Coaching with Yinske is so great. Talking with her was so natural and before you know it you are talking about what is really bothering you and you get a new idea on how to do things differently. She really gets you out of your regular, daily thinking."

"Initially I really had doubts whether I was going to do the Research Program, it's quite an investment, you know. But I am SO happy I did. I learned SO MUCH. And especially laughed a lot. I've really changed so much in my life. Do it! Don't hesitate!"

"Yinske takes her time with you. I found it quite scary to be busy with my body and emotions, but she takes you through it in such a natural and attentive way. Thank you, Yinske!"

Vocal Coaching
"Total Vocal Check-Up"

The "Total Vocal Check-Up" is meant to see HOW YOU ARE DOING VOCALLY. You will get and overview of how your voice is doing, and will take some good insights and exercises home. You can do a "Total Vocal Check-Up" when your voice is not in good shape, when you are speaking or singing in a big event, or simply because you think it's time. Of course it's possible to extend the "Total Vocal Check-Up" with a few extra sessions.

Contact me to plan in your "Total Vocal Check-Up"

Vocal Coaching
“Performer’s Path”

The Performer's Path is meant for those of you with that big wish, that big dream. That's been living inside you for a while. Or has suddenly revealed itself to you. That you want to realize, just for yourself. Or that you want to put forward, professionally. 

Whatever it may be: you've come to go for it now completely.

Singing in front of an audience. Craft and tell your own story. Create and perform your own show with songs. Record your own music. 


Exactly because your wishes are so personal I keep looking how to realize them best with you. That's my role. I come with (unsolicited) advice, about your vocal technique, your performance qualities, your uniqueness in your voice and your self presentation. We will keep looking for your unique Voice.
And with more that 20 years experience in performing I will also advise you on the practical side, from finding fellow musicians and venues, from how to record best and profiling yourself.

Plan an intake with me. We'll see each other for 1,5 hours to talk through what you want and how we can work on that.
After that you'll decide if you want to take the "Performer's Path". You can plan me in as many times as you want for 4 months.

Just like with "Make a Difference" we will work with different types of sessions, depending on what you need and want.  

Contact me to take the first step of your Performer's Path.


Plan your intake (1,5 hours) in here
After this session you'll decide whether you want to continue with the REGULAR PROGRAM, the RESEARCH PROGRAM, HARD CORE or the PERFORMER’S PATH.
You can also plan in a TOTAL VOCAL CHECK (1,5 uur), you don't need an intake for that. 

Do you need more info? Want to know about prices? Do you have questions? Please contact me with this form.


Already during my coaching training, some 15 years ago, I trained myself in different STYLES and TECHNIQUES.

I kept developing like that; I regularly take new trainings and courses and qualified myself in new techniques and methods. Read more about all the styles, techniques and methods that I use in my coaching.

For a number of subjects I've written entries in my BLOG to explain how I use them. You can click on those subjects to go to the blog entry. You can also read more about my vision on and experience with coaching on my BLOG .

  • Regular co-active coaching (mostly RET, Core qualities, transactional analysis)
  • Provocatie coaching
  • Socratic coaching
  • (Theravadha) Buddhism
  • Taoism
  • Stoicism
  • IMPACT method for presenting
  • Voice Dialogue/Fooling
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Voice work and body work (mostly CVT, Roy Hart, Genetic Choir method, voice expression, Alexander technique, haptotherapy, Meisner)
  • Non-Violent Communication/Compassion work
  • Diversity cards by Marten Bos
  • Storytelling (as an art form)
  • Modern personal development methods (Art of procrastination, Art of not giving a f*ck, Ikigai, The Artist Way, etc)